Advice Regarding Malicious Attacking (Hacking)

Users Be Aware!


It’s not that scary if you are prepared!
Ransomware is another attack (invaders targeting & taking over your environment).
You can avoid being a victim.
Ransomware is preventable.
Validate your protection.
Segregate and control the traffic internally and externally.
Continually review and improve.

Phishing is up 350% since January 2020 according to Googler Transparency Report
Over 300,000 new suspicious COVID-19 Website appeared in March 2020.
It’s not about how big you are – Everyone is a target!

What do Attackers need to be successful?

  • Full Name
  • Current Address
  • Full Birthday
  • Email Addresses
  • Phone Numbers

What do I do about it?

  • Make each Password a unique PASSPHRASE with a character inserted.
  • Be politely paranoid, use two methods of identification
  • Request that your service providers use 2 methods of communication for phone authentication protocols
  • Remove companies and services you use from social media so hackers don’t know who to call
  • Avoid Credential Harvesting
    • Navigate to known websites outside of email
    • Avoid reuse of passwords
    • Use technical tools to back up your security: email Blocklists, password manager, use Multi factor I D

What are the most common attacks used?

  • Microsoft / Apple Support Scams
  • CRA / IRS Scams
  • Bank / Credit Card Impersonators
  • Gift Card Scams
  • Business – Co-worker Impersonation
  • Lazy attackers “follow the fear”
  • Free COVID -19 Tests
  • CDC guidelines changes
  • Sick family money requests